What’s the best way to keep ice off an antenna?

Are you among those individuals who have trouble with the ice that gathers on the TV antenna. It may seem to be hassle on ensuring that the ice does not gather and also if it does then it is a mess to clean that up so that there is no interruption with signal. Below we have detailed on how one can ensure that the ice does not form on the antenna.

Firstly, let us make it clear that as long as the antenna is in good shape you shouldn’t be worried about the ice being gathered on the TV antenna. The sensitive electronics as well as the balun should be in the seal which is water resistant. As long as they are in good shape, you should not be worried about the antenna receiving signals. When the antenna is in good shape and not damaged in any form then it should be able to handle any weight.

Though there is no one single solution that would help in keeping the ice off the antenna. But there are certain chemicals which would try to repel water from the antenna. When you would be coating your antenna with any of these chemicals then it would stop the formation of ice on the antenna.

  • Rain-X is basically designed in a way that would ensure to keep the water off the windshield. Though it is a costly water-repelling chemical and works well on the windshield. You can try spraying it on the antenna to see if it works the trick.
  • WD-40 stands for Water-Displacement. It is basically an oily substance that tends to push the water out from the rusted regions of the items. It also ensures that the water does not hold up for too long.

Basically you can spray the chemical generously on your antenna so that the water does not hold up and leads to ice. Also another thing to note is that when it has already snowed, you should not be spraying or applying any water displacement on the antenna. It may turn out to be dangerous hence do not try this option unless you are absolutely sure.

When there is ice already formed on the antenna, then you can simply clear it off with the help of a broom. But ensure to be careful while doing so else you may cause damage to the antenna. Also climbing up that high and cleaning is also not safe. Note that covering up the antenna with any plastic bag would not do the trick since it would lead to weak signals. Light snowfalls is not a major concern but when there are heavy showers of snow then you would need to worry about the impact.

If you think that the antenna has become too old or is already damaged, then it would surely not be able to survive the snowfall. Hence it would be better to replace your antenna else even slight snowfall can lead to weakening of the signals.