What’s the best value in an antenna DVR?

There are few of the consumers who still hesitate to cut the cord. They fear that they may lose out on watching and recording their favourite shows once they give up on their cable subscription since it also comes along with a DVR box. But today there is no need to worry about the same, since there are various options for any users who have antenna that picks up free over-the-air signals. Though you cannot call any one of the model as the ideal over-the-air DVR but each of them have some or the other feature that makes it unique from the other. Some of the products may be better than the other. Let us have a look at few of the antenna DVR which would be value for money and entertainment.

Tablo 2-Tuner DVR:

The cheaper version of this DVR is priced at $220 that offers two tuners whereas the second one is priced at $300 which provides for 4 tuner version. Tablo is a perfect combination of flexibility as well as pricing. There is a blue coloured LED light on the DVR which would give the signal on when the unit is switched on. It has two USB ports on the back along with an input for antenna connection. With the help of 2 tuners, you can record two shows at the same time. The programs that have been recorded from one Tablo can also be viewed on 6 different devices at the same time. Tablo has a special offering for its metro users who receive limited coverage range of 25miles. It has a slightly higher priced model of 2 tuners along with an integrated dual antenna. It does not come along with any built in storage hence you would need to purchase external hard drive for storing all recordings.

Channel Master DVR:

The Channel Master DVR is quite sleek and it has two USB ports at the back along with an HDMI output, Ethernet jack and antenna output. This particular DVR does not have connection for built-in Wi-Fi hence you would need to go in for Ethernet connection to the network. This DVR also comes along with a remote control. There are two models of this DVR with different pricing. The $249 has 16GB storage and if you buy 1TB of storage then it would come up to $399. The Channel Master DVR can also record two shows at the same time and also another recorded show can be played at the same time.

Many a times, when it comes to evaluating the best antenna DVR thedecision is quite tough since you have to consider a lot of factors. You canlook out for the ones which allow for skipping ad. TiVo has been considered tobe the best in this regard wherein you have an auto-skip button. Anotherfeature when it comes to getting the best DVR would be recording controls ofthe DVR. Note that the OTA DVR is of no use if the antenna is not able toreceive the channels you wish to see. Hence ensure to first set the antenna inthe right place so that it receives strong reception signals. The ChannelMaster DVR and the TiVo needs to be tied to the TV whereas the HDHomeRun can bewired to the internet router.