What Does It Mean To Cut The Cord

Due to the rise in the prices of the cable and satellite TV, people are getting frustrated since it is burning a hole in their pocket. The monthly budget goes haywire with the cable bill expenses on the rise. This has led to a lot of them taking the action of cutting the cord. The term cord cutting refers to cancellation of the cable or the satellite service by the viewer and instead receive TV programs through other options.

Benefits –

Cord cutting has its own pros and cons. Hence it is better to weigh the option before you take the plunge. Let us have a look at few of the benefits provided by cord cutting.

  • When you cut the cord, you are no longer tied to any cable or satellite contract. Hence there is no need to pay any expensive charges to the cable providers.
  • When compared with the other options, you may still have to pay for purchasing an antenna or a set-top box or any other device for viewing the content. But these charges are mostly one-time and no recurring monthly or yearly subscription fees.
  • In cable TV, you have more than 200 channels and half of them you would not even be aware of. But when you go in for cable replacement options then you get the choice to select what you want to watch. The best part is, you pay only for watching the content you are interested in.

Drawbacks –

Along with some great benefits of cord cutting. It also comes along withits only set of drawback.

  • When you go off cable, there are various replacement options to select from. One of them being streaming services. These service providers have their own set of monthly or yearly subscriptions. If you just opt for one or two of the online streaming service, then it would not be too costly when compared with the monthly cable bill. But if you keep on adding these services then it would turn out to be a costly affair. Hence you should be careful while selecting the service.
  • In few cases when you have access to streaming services, they have a condition of the viewer also having the cable network service. Though some of the channels which you had to pay and watch through cable would be free via the streaming services. But for some other channels on the streaming app, you may need to have access to cable network.
  • When you plan to access all of your TV content through the streaming option, you have to be aware about any limits on the videos that can be viewed. Since if you reach the streaming limit for that particular month then your internet bill would rise. Hence keep a tab on the monthly internet bill and the data usage limit.

Before you plan to cut the cord and take the plunge of other services, it is advisable to make a proper planned decision. Antenna option to work, you would need to be in a location wherein it receives strong reception signals. In case of online streaming services, before you purchase any one of those services or device check out what do they provide and compare between each of the streaming services.