TVRoxx Review: Can This Small Device Make Your Television “Smart”?

Everday we come across hoardings or some advertisements on the social media site about the revolution in the Entertainment sector. There are many companies bringing out the best of technology so as to provide free entertainment dose to its viewers. There are various claims made by these companies. But it depends how many of these claims are actually true and which ones are fake. Hence we come up with reviews on the usage of these so that the viewers do not get misguided and only purchase the best.

Today we bring across a review on TVRoxx which is an Android TV Box to take your entertainment to another level. This is a revolutionary small and sleek device which can instantly turn your TV into a smart device. It surely has the potential to change the way you have been watching television. There is no need to rely on the cable or the satellite network for getting the daily dose of entertainment. All you would need to do is just connect this box into the television input unit with the help of an HDMI cord. Once you attach it to the TV, you get a chance to completely explore the potential of your TV.

The TVRoxx android box would allow you stream various contents such as videos and photos. You can also watch all the latest movies, television programs on your TV. TVRoxx is not your usual streaming box since you can do much more with this device. It has a complete library of pictures that can be imported into your device. You also get the option of creating a slideshow or filtering out the photographs so as to make it much easier to find. It also allows you to play all of your favourite music track. You can play in directly through formats such as AAC, OGG, MP3 and WAV. You can stream your programs with the help of latest software present in TVRoxx. It allows you to watch for complete series and episodes of your favourite shows.

We consider this as the best Android box that has been used when compared with the other boxes in the same category. The package also includes, one HDMI cable and a 4G wireless mouse. The mouse would be useful in browsing through the various lists of movies and at the same time you can browse through internet. Basically it is a power house of entertainment at an affordable rate. Just hook up this media centre and with the help of Wi-Fi or Ethernet you are all good to go and explore the entertainment options from the comfort of your couch.

All of this would not be available with any other android box or even the cable network. There is just one downside to this box. TVRoxx needs a lot of bandwidth since you would be streaming a lot of content. Hence you would need to ensure that your internet is fast and also offers unlimited bandwidth else you would end up burning a hole in your pocket with the internet plan.

With all the positives, we don’t think it can better than this. Hence order this android box if you still searching for one.