Best Indoor TV Antennas Under $50

The over-the-air free TV has seen a lot of changes from the time of those rabbit ears which would stick out of the TV. This generation of cord cutters are demanding technology which is sleek and at the same time easier to use. They are looking out for antennas which provide the best features, do not come in pricey packages and at the same time provide much more than the cable or satellite services. The indoor TV antennas are something which the cord cutters are looking out for. With the rise in competition, more and more models of indoor TV antennas are taking up the market by storm due to its unique features. One of the best part of TV antennas is that it allows you to watch all your favourite channels absolutely free of cost. People love to experiment hence they prefer TV antennas that are quite cheaper and at the same time offer good deal for its viewers. Let us have a look at few of the best indoor TV antennas which are below $50.

Mohu Releaf:

The mohu leaf is quite a brand in the antennas market. This is basically their second generation of the popular Leaf antennas. This Mohu Releaf comes at a reasonable price of $28.50. It is made up of recycled materials and quite lightweight. You can call it an eco-friendly antenna. It can be mounted on the wall, but the cardboard surface of the antenna may not appeal everyone. This antenna is one of the best when it comes to picking up TV signals. It is also equipped to transmit signals which are 4K. The coverage of this antenna is 60miles which is quite impressive.

1ByOne Indoor HDTV antenna:

On Amazon, this antenna has considered to be on the top spots. It comes in two models, the white and the black. Just at the price of $25, you get a sleek and simple antenna that can cover a range of 50miles. You can also power this antenna with the help of a USB which is a feature that is quite unique in itself. You get more than dozens of channels at that price.

ViewTV Ultra-Thin Flat indoor TV:

This ultra-thin TV antenna comes for a price of $23 in a black coloured model. You also get a 6.5 feet coaxial cable that would help for the placement of the antenna. There is a stand that comes along with this antenna for placement. It covers a range of 25miles and you can receive more than dozens of channels. The display quality is 1080p and does not come with any amplifier.

ClearStream Eclipse:

The design of this antenna has caught quite a lot of attention. With a design that is loop shape, you can get this antenna at only $39.99. It has a two-sided reusable adhesive hence you can mount it the way you want to. You can also paint the surface of this antenna so as to blend well with the wall colour. It offers a coverage range of 50miles. It has received lot of positive reviews on the online websites.