5 ways to watch the NFL without cable

It’s that time of the year for which the football fans await eagerly. So just because you do not have cable anymore, there would not be any miss out on your favourite sports. Even though NFL would be having their own network but their games can be aired on multiple other channels. Most of the popular channels such as NBC Sports, Fox Sports and others require subscription charges for you to watch sports on those channels. We bring to you a guide on how to watch your favourite NFL without the need for a cable TV.

TV antenna:

All of your local NFL games are also made available free of cost through over-the-air channels. This would mean that you only need to have a good TV antenna for getting those channels. It is not difficult to decide on which is the best antenna. However, you would need to carry out research in checking out the channels which are available in your area and also which of the broadcast towers are near to your place. Once you get the answer to these questions, then it would become easier to select the right range of TV antenna that would suit your needs.

Amazon Prime:

For those of you who have Amazon Prime, would be aware of the fact that they do not offer liver TV apart from the ones to which you subscribe. But they also have made a deal with NFL, wherein they would be offering the Thursday Night Football game live for its viewers. There would not be any additional charges for watching this Thursday Night Football game. You can surely go in for the 30-day trial pack and check it out. This trial pack would give you access to at least few of the NFL games absolutely free of cost.

NFL Mobile:

There are also options of streaming the games on the tablet or the phone with the help of NFL mobile app. Earlier it was accessible only for the Verizon users but now it is opened for any phone carrier users. But you would need to ensure to have an unlimited data pack else it would exhaust your plan really quickly. Once you have the data unlimited pack then you can watch NFL anytime and anywhere.


We are all aware about the on-demand service provided by Hulu. However, they also provide live services including a lot of NFL channels. Hulu offers various local channels such as ABC, CBS, Fox and so on. They also showcase ESPN and other sports channels. There is also Hulu Live service which is an on-demand service along with the DVR service wherein you can record any live games.

NFL GamePass:

The NFL Game Pass is a better streaming option even though it comes with a major downside. The live streaming is not available for any season. However, you can watch the pre-season games as live streaming. The current season games are only made available through on-demand once the game has been aired live.